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Dzogchen Shira Sing Buddhist University

Shira Sing Buddhist University

About one kilometre into the Dzogchen valley is the prestigious Buddhist University of Dzogchen Shira Sing. It is one of the main centres of learning in Tibet and enjoys a reputation for scholarly excellence. The university is famous in Tibet and world-wide for the standard of education it provides. Students come from all over Tibet to study at Shira Sing University and graduate Khenpos are regularly invited to other universities to act as guest professors for extended periods.

Currently there are over two hundred and fifty monks resident in Shira Sing. They follow a twelve year course of study which culminates in being awarded the title of Khenpo, the equivalent of a doctorate in Buddhism. Since the re-establishment of the university over 2000 students have graduated, including five Great Khenpos. The current head professor is Great Khenpo Orgyen Rinzin Rinpoche who is the incarnation of Great Khenpo Jigme Lodru.


The study programme is very intensive. Serious students are expected to rise at 5am and classes are held throughout the day and into the night. Debating sessions are held every afternoon inside the main temple. The university is active all year round. Major study retreats are held for three months every winter, after which students enjoy a month’s break to celebrate Tibetan New Year. Each resident monk receives accommodation, three hot meals every day and a monthly allowance, all provided by the monastery. All classes are given free, in the traditional spirit of Buddhism.

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