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Pema Tung Summer Retreat

Pema Tung Teachings


2011 Pema Tung Summer Retreat

(Please note, unless otherwise indicated, teachings are in Tibetan and closed to visitors)

June 15. Recital of Kangyur.

June 17. Tantra of Manjushri empowerment.

June 24. Yeshe Lama teachings, this year in Minyak.

Aug 19. Wish-Fulfilling Treasury teachings (in Pema Tung).

Sep 19 - 21. dkyil 'phrul zhi khro empowerment.

Sep 30 - Oct 2. Great Offering with Bodhichitta ceremony.

Oct 3 - 12. Open teachings on the mind-changers and Sukhavati pure realm.

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