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The Second Dzogchen Rinpoche Gyurme Tegchog Tenzin

Translated from Tibetan

gymet thekchog tenzin02

Born in 1699 in Dege, Gyurme Tegchog Tenzin was recognised as the second Dzogchen Rinpoche by his predecessor's main students, Great Treasure Revealer Nyima Trakpa, Ponlop Namkhe Ozel and Minling Terton Gyurme Dorje. During his youth Rinpoche made the journey to central Tibet twice and, studying with over forty spiritual tutors including HH Seventh Dalai Lama Kalsang Gyatso, he mastered the whole collection of sutras and tantras. Most importantly, Rinpoche’s ordination lama, Ponlop Namkhe Ozel, passed onto him the complete Great Perfection hearing lineage, just as he had received it from Dzogchen Pema Rinzin.

According to Rinpoche’s instructions, the king of Dege built the great treasury of Dharma Dege Barkhang, and it remains today the largest and most famous scripture printing house in Tibet. From his seat in Dzogchen, Gyurme Thekchok Tenzin would expound the teachings tirelessly, day and night, grant empowerments and give personal instructions of the Great Perfection. He also composed the commentary on the preparatory practices of the Khandro Nhingthig entitled the Good Chariot that Leads to Liberation. He passed beyond sorrow in 1757 at the age of fifty-nine.

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