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Pilgrimage to Dzogchen

Dzogchen is the main pilgrimage site associated with the qualities of enlightenment in the Kham region. As well as the stunning natural beauty of the area, there are a great number of blessed and holy sites to visit.

View from Dzogchen Monastery

In the foreground is Dzogchen Monastery. Centre right is Shira Sing Buddhist University and at the base of the valley is Pema Tung Great Perfection Retreat Centre. In the high valley to the right are three turquoise lakes and Guru Rinpoche's cave.

Kyabje Rinpoche's Retreat Cave in Winter

Kyabje Rinpoche’s Retreat Cave in Dzogchen Pema Tung

Long Life Retreat Centre

The upper turquoise lake

Spontaneous Buddha

The Long Life Retreat Centre

Upper Turquoise Lake

This spontaneously occurring Buddha overlooks the entrance to the Dzogchen valley

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