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Pilgrimage to Dzogchen - The Pema Tung Jowo

Pema Tung Jowo
The Pema Tung Jowo

Pema Tung temple contains a full-sized replica of the most revered statue in Tibet, the famous Lhasa Jowo statue of the Buddha. The original Lhasa Jowo, together with a smaller statue, also of the Buddha, was made during the Buddha's lifetime. Both statues were consecrated by the Buddha himself and are considered to be identical to him and his blessing. Legend has it that both these statues were subsequently given to the emperor of China. When the emperor's daughter, Wengcheng, became queen to the Tibetan King Tsongsen Gonpo she brought both statues with her to Tibet. The larger one was enshrined in Lhasa and the smaller one in Lhagong, Eastern Tibet.

In Lhagong a replica of the Lhasa Jowo made of earth and clay was built to enshrine the smaller statue and it was venerated equally with the Lhasa Jowo. Later, during the mayhem of the Cultural Revolution, the replica earthen statue was destroyed, but its holy contents were safely hidden. Twenty years later, when personal and religious freedoms were relaxed slightly, the little Jowo was brought to Dzogchen Monastery and offered to Kyabje Pema Kalsang Rinpoche. After Kyabje Rinpoche finished building the Pema Tung temple, he enshrined it once again inside a replica of the Lhasa Jowo which he oversaw the sculpting of personally. In this way making a pilgrimage to Dzogchen is equal in blessing and merit to making a pilgrimage to the holy city of Lhasa.

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