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Dokden Lama

Translated from Tibetan

Dokden Lama

On 15 August 2010 the reincarnation of Dzokden Lama was enthroned by Dzogchen Rinpoche in his seat Achong Gar.

Dokden Lama was a true enlightened master of the Dzogchen teachings. He was considered the mind emanation of Gyalse Zhenpen Thaye, as foretold in the prophesies of Pema Lingpa and Dodrupchen. Gyalse Zhenpen Thaye was in turn the miraculous manifestation of both the great pandita Vimamitra and the great translator Vairosana. Dokden Lama intentionally took incarnation in order to restore our spiritual heritage of the Great Perfection, and especially the lineage of Dzogchen Rinpoche’s personal instructions, which had become like a lamp empty of oil.

At the age of twenty-one, in order to pursue the Dharma, Dokden Lama left his home of Achong in Golok and went to Dzogchen monastery. In the monastery he endured great hardships of poverty and harsh conditions for over ten years, while he underwent his training. Following many spiritual masters, including Great Khenpo Pema Tsewang, he undertook study and contemplation on the sutras and tantras. Even more significant was the time he spent with the tutor Great Khenpo Jigme Yonten Gonpo. From this master he received the entire sublime Heart Essence teachings and became a holder of the lineage of realisation. Most importantly, he was given the close lineage guidance of Ultimate Essence of the Guru that the Fourth Dzogchen Rinpoche Migyur Namkhe Dorje received in visions of All-Knowing Longchen Rabjam. Later, while Dokden Lama was in prison, he had visions of his master Jigme Yonten Gonpo and continued to receive teachings.

Dokden Lama was imprisoned for a total of twenty years in several locations, including Xining and Tangarmo. During that time he applied himself to the Dzogchen practises of trekcho and thogal whenever he had the opportunity. He revealed a number of mind treasure commentaries, including the practise text Dzogchen Namkhar Drindal or Cloudless Sky of Great Perfection, and was able to teach a few motivated students in secret.

The perfect elucidations of realisation that Dokden Lama gave are indistinguishable from the teachings of All-Knowing Longchen Rabjam. He possessed full realisation of enlightened mind and everything that he did was in perfect accord with the Dharma.

The master’s student, Tulku Tenpo, said that while in prison, Dokden Lama revealed a prophesy concerning the latter part of his own life:

    The tiger has a mountain home,
    Sons of the lineage all around,
    Teaching father Pema’s profound Dharma.
    Time for the son’s influence to grow,
    And many will come to Dharma.

When he was released from prison, Dokden Lama returned to his home county of Achong and established a monastery in the place known as the Tiger valley. This is the significance of the tiger mentioned in the prophesy. He began teaching Dzogpa Chenpo on a large scale, and motivated students from all over the land gathered around him. The area become known as Achong Dokten’s retreat centre.

In the following years Dokden Lama returned to Dzogchen and gave teachings to all the tulkus and khenpos on the Heart Essence of the Dakini and the Heart Essence of the Great Expanse. It was during this time in visions of clear light meditation that Dokden Lama deciphered the symbolic prophesies of Great Khenpo Jigme Yonten Gonpo and discovered the identity of the Seventh Dzogchen Rinpoche.

In the summer of 2001, Dokden Lama taught Longchenpa’s Three Cycles of Rest to a large gathered assembly in Shira Sing Scriptural College. He also graciously instructed an exclusive group of twenty-one tulkus and khenpos in the Seventeen Utmost Profound Great Heart Tantras.

Dokden Lama passed away in his monastery in 2003 amongst many auspicious signs of his enlightenment.

Dokden Lama's Stupa
Dokden Lama’s stupa in Pema Tung

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